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louis & gina Still smoking


"We look at the fashion world as a blank canvas, and we use the authenticity of design, creation, and application through our own voices as Native people.
Knowing that people on a global level need direct sources for fashion that are truly linked to the Native people is our mission. Being able to represent Native fashion has created opportunities for our platform. We use our designs to speak on contemporary Native life. There are many reasons to use fashion as a format for Native issues, but we strive to do this by using positive visual representations." -Gina Still Smoking



Louis Still Smoking was born and raised in Browning Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation. Art is in his veins. Inspired by other family members who were talented he found art to be therapeutic and started drawing and painting at a young age. Growing up in a small community allowed him to focus on his ability to use a pencil and paintbrush. Louis finds all medias equally important opportunities to express art to the world through his eyes. He likes to take on a challenge and put everything into his work. He graduated from Flandreau Indian School in Flandreau South Dakota in 1998. Louis worked as a stone sculptor for 11 years and then decided to go back to college and further his studies in art. With a sculptural mind, he has found that his painting and drawing skill needed further development, so he took on an emphasis in painting. Louis’ artwork is influenced by the Impressionists, Lucian Freud, research on the history of the AIM movement, and he finds it inspiring because what they accomplished based on wanting to make a

difference. Louis’s work is always evolving and growing, “I try to convey a message that is relevant to all native peoples, whether that be social or political my work expresses my own beliefs and struggles as a

modern Native American.”



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